Shalom! We are so happy you have found our blog. At The DUMBO Gan in Brooklyn, New York, we strongly believe in teaching through play. We believe children grow the most through exploration and hands-on activities — as it’s the most natural and proven method for children to learn. Our goal is to not only teach your child developmentally appropriate math, science, and English skills, but also to foster a love for learning, so they become lifelong learners. In this blog, you will find information on hands-on learning and other learning styles, fun hands-on learning activities for you to do at home, and MORE. Learn more!

  1. The Importance Of Hands-On Learning In Preschool

    Shalom and welcome to today’s blog! At the Dumbo Gan in DUMBO, we are dedicated to helping preschool children learn and grow through play, active participation, and hands-on learning experiences —  natural, effective, and proven learning methods for children. Since we believe in fostering a war…Read More