Holiday seasons offer a great opportunity to spice up your child’s home library — and explore and learn about the current holiday in a fun and engaging way. Dive into multicultural tales about Thanksgiving with your preschooler and create memories that will last forever by reading these top-rated Thanksgiving books for preschool children.

“Rivka’s First Thanksgiving” by Elsa Okon Rael

This moving story is about a Jewish immigrant, Rivka, who moves to the U.S. and wonders if she can celebrate Thanksgiving. As a young girl, she believes that Thanksgiving should be celebrated by all Americans, no matter their background or religion. But can she convince her parents and the Rabbi?

“Splat Says Thank You!” by Rob Scotton

This isn’t just your typical tale about a cat and mouse — OK, maybe it is — but, it is also a cute story that teaches the value of friendship and showing your appreciation for those that mean the most to you. Discover the humorous reasons Splat is thankful for Seymour in this grateful tale.

“Run, Turkey, Run!” by Diane Mayr

This delightful tale is about a plump turkey who runs from hiding place to hiding place in an attempt to hide from the farmer who is looking for a turkey for his Thanksgiving feast. Can he hide with the pigs? Ducks? Horses? Or will he become the main course?

One is a Feast for a Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale” by Judy Cox

This Thanksgiving tale is a charming and humorous story about a mouse who spots Thanksgiving leftovers and attempts to scuttle them over to his hidey-hole, but can he make it? This engaging story will keep your kiddos on their toes and teach them a valuable lesson about being thankful for what they have.

“1, 2, 3 Thanksgiving!” by W. Nikola-Lisa

Explore numbers through holiday scenes with this educational Thanksgiving counting book. Your child will love counting to 10 and back down again with this wonderfully illustrated numbers book.

“Turkey Trouble” by Wendi Silvano

As Thanksgiving nears, Turkey is in trouble — he is about to be the main course. So what does he do? He finds a disguise of course! This well-written story will have you and your child laughing the whole way through. What will Turkey’s final solution be?

“10 Fat Turkeys” by Tony Johnston

Teach your preschooler how to count backwards from 10 with this silly rhyming tale. This book features bright illustrations and the catchy rhythm of the story will have your child wanting to read it over and over again. Counting has never been more fun.

These Thanksgiving tales are great holiday read-alouds that are not only amusing and captivating, but are also educational. From rhyming and counting to teaching kindness and gratefulness, these books are a must-have for preschool children.

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