In the state of New York, children can start kindergarten as young as 5 years old and are required to attend school by age 6. While it is not required by law to send your child to preschool, most children in the U.S. do attend preschool programs because of their wide range of benefits. In today’s blog, we are going to be covering the desirable advantages of preschool education and how The Dumbo Gan, Brooklyn’s Top Rated Local® children’s learning center, can help set your child up for lifelong academic success.

Preschool education is so important because it ultimately helps your child grow. For many children, preschool is the first time they spend a long period of time away from their home and guardian. Preschool provides the opportunity for preschool children to gain independence and social skills, as well as emotional and cognitive skills that will help prepare them for a bright future.

Preschool Programs Help Your Child Develop Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the building blocks that help your child complete age-appropriate tasks with quality and proficiency. When your child has strong fine motor skills, they are better able to complete everyday tasks required for self-care, play, and academic achievement. Most preschool programs help your child develop fine motor skills through age-appropriate toys and manipulatives, hands-on learning, and interactive activities.

Preschool Programs Promote Social & Emotional Development

Preschool is often the first time preschool children are in the care of a non-family member outside of their home. That being said, it is one of their first experiences creating relationships with non-familial caretakers and socializing in larger group settings. While this transition can be difficult at first, your child will be able to better adjust to future situations without an adult present, learn how to take care of their own needs, share and cooperate, and even express their anger with their words.

Preschool Programs Promote Language & Cognitive Skills

A child’s academic success is significantly impacted by their language and cognitive skills. By enrolling your child into a preschool program, your child is exposed to a language-rich environment and curriculum, as well as social and hands-on activities that will challenge their thinking and advance their language and cognitive skills.  

Preschool Programs Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

Overall, preschool is the foundational block that will set your child up for a successful first year of kindergarten. Preschool education gives children time to learn, grow, and develop the essential skills that will help enable them to thrive in the kindergarten environment and become a lifelong learner.

At The Dumbo Gan Brooklyn preschool, our highly qualified and experienced early education teachers are dedicated to creating a warm and safe environment for students to learn and flourish. We nourish your child to develop a great sense of self-worth, and we encourage them to learn in their own ways, at their own pace. With our caring staff, comprehensive curriculum, and focus on learning through play, we are confident your child will have a great first classroom experience and fall in love with learning. Learn more about our preschool programs at The Dumbo Gan in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and how we can help prepare your child for kindergarten.