What?! It’s time to look into preschool already? But you just had your baby, there is no way it’s already time to start looking into preschool. This is how many parents feel when they are asked by family or friends if they’ve started looking into or applying for their son or daughter to attend preschool. Or perhaps you are the opposite and cannot wait to enroll your son or daughter into preschool, so you can go back to work or finally get some alone time during the day. Either way, if preschool is on the horizon for your child, it’s important to plan ahead and pay attention to these three things in a preschool education to ensure the best fit and preschool experience for both you and your child.

#1. Philosophy

When looking into preschool education for your child, it’s important to do some research on the different preschools in your area and their educational philosophy. Are you looking for a very structured preschool that is academic-based? Or are you looking for a play-based preschool that is more focused on the process of learning through discovery and hands-on activities? Before deciding on a preschool, it’s important to read up on the common educational philosophies: Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Religious, etc., to determine which philosophy best matches your family’s beliefs and your child’s needs.

#2. Teacher & Child Relationships

When searching for the perfect preschool for your child, it’s important to observe the teacher and child relationships and how teachers are interacting with the students. This is where your child is going to be spending a majority of their time, so you want to ensure your child will have a good, trusting relationship with their teachers —  school should feel like their home away from home. Is there a good teacher-child ratio? Does the staff seem friendly and happy to be there? Are they bending down to students’ levels to speak with them? Are children showing signs they trust their teachers, such as running up to them and giving them hugs? These are good signs that the teachers are passionate about what they do and create healthy relationships with students to help them learn and grow.

#3. Classroom Environment

When touring prospective preschools for your child, it’s important to take note of the classroom environment. Is the classroom warm and inviting? Do the children seem to be having fun while learning? Is there a wide selection of toys for children to play with? Can you see your child thriving and having fun there? The classroom environment should feel like your child’s space with their work and drawings hanging on the walls, child-sized furniture, and plenty of space for learning and growing throughout their preschool education.

Keeping your eye out for these three things will help you determine whether or not a preschool is a good fit for your child. Before your child can grow and thrive in their learning environment, it’s important the school’s philosophy aligns with their individual learning styles and needs, they feel cared for and nurtured, and the classroom environment fosters positive learning.

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